Trusted Insight
The Pension Fund Revitalizing Nature To Generate Double-Digit Returns (Finance)
The Chief Investment Officer Who Stumbled Into, Avoided The Financial Crisis (Finance)

Sears Is Dying And I’m Buying (Investing, Finance)
4 Words That Could Destroy The Healthcare Industry (Investing, Finance)
My Case For Following Apple Into Solar (Investing, Finance)
How The Oil Market Could Crush These Homebuilders (Investing, Finance)

The New York Times
Under a New Law, the Police Can Act as Gun Dealers  (New Laws, Policy, Politics)

The Texas Tribune
Plan To Convert Roads to Gravel Begins Despite Pushback (Transportation, Policy, Politics)
Lawmakers Piecing Together Transportation Funding Bill (Spot News, Policy, Politics)
Medical Board Funding: Will Help Identify “Pill Mills” (Regulation, Drug Abuse, Policy)

The Austin American-Statesman
How an Austin idea could help solve fracking’s water problem (Technology, Water; **behind paywall; free link duplicated below**)

The Austin Business Journal
Plate Guy Founder Takes Laid-Back Approach to Entrepreneurship (Small Business, Profile)

Reporting Texas
Texas’ Hungry College Students Get Less Help (Politics, Policy, Health)
Data Mapping Unlocks New Approaches to Community Health Issues (Health, Technology)
How an Austin idea could help solve fracking’s water problem (Technology, Water; **No Paywall**)
Guns and Fences: After Sandy Hook, Schools Tighten Security (Public Education)
What’s His Major? Genetics, Cotton and Entrepreneurship (Technology, Science, Feature)

Kirkus Reviews
Life Trumps War (Author Profile: Lynne Jones)
The Demystification of Charles Manson (Author Profile: Jeff Guinn)
Empathize not Demonize (Author Profile: Mathew Quick)
Many Faces (Author Profile: Benjamin Black; John Banville)
The Overwhelming Truth (Author Profile: Lauren Sandler)
Born Criminal (Author Profile: Emily Brady)
Framing the Human Quality (Author, Illustrator Profile: Jim Ottaviani, Maris Wicks)

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